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Jutrian Rx
As discussed by Best Selling Author, Lecturer and Consumer Rights Advocate
Kevin Trudeau
Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx -
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Plus Elemental Supplements

The Most Potent and Effective Concentrated Food Grade Hydrogen
Peroxide Supplement ever offered publicly

What is your source of the remedy solution to both Oxygenation, Curative powers

 FINALLY giving your cellular body EVERY nutrient that is missing?

THE ANSWER IS Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx:

A ONE-TWO Knock-out BLOW for health and weight control

Antimony ppm 291
Barium ppm 10

Beryllium ppm 782
Bismuth ppm 537
Boron ppm 269
Cadmium ppm 17
Calcium ppm 487
Carbon ppm 31.900
Chromium ppm 276
Cobalt ppm 7.84
Copper ppm 125
Dysprosium ppm 106
Erbium ppm 88
Europium ppm 0.052
Gadolinium ppm 657
Gallium ppm 0636
Germanium ppm.359
Praseodymium ppm 185
Rhenium ppm 291

Rohdium ppm 5
Rubidium ppm 1.13
Ruthenium ppm 117
Samarium ppm 198
Scandium ppm 700

Selenium ppm 983
Silicon ppm 971
Sodium ppm 2.88
Strontium ppm 0.006
Sulfur ppm 6100
Tantalum ppm 205
Tellurium ppm 0.895
Terbium ppm 353
Thallium ppm 1
Thorium ppm 62
Thulium ppm 07

Tin ppm 297
Titanium ppm 59
Tungsten ppm 85
Vanadium ppm 30
Ytterbium ppm 511
Yttrium ppm 459
Zinc ppm 387
Zirconium ppm 17

When was the last time you fed your cellular body all of those?


It took years to develop Jutrian Rx and then was available only privately and at exorbitant prices (well worth it!) The premier top-shelf Guardian Of Eden is the only company in the world that produces this unique and previously unavailable to the public two stage food grade hydrogen peroxide cellular relief solution. READ ON and learn EXACTLY what Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx has in it literally to the millionth degree!


End cellular starvation and obtain the curative benefits of pure concentrated food grade hydrogen peroxide as revealed in The One Minute Cure with
End cellular starvation with every essential element cells need with the colloidalized minerals and amino acids prepared in food grade hydrogen peroxide with
In less than ONE MINUTE A DAY- AND FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR A DAY - you can BOTH have ALL the preventative and curative powers revealed in The One Minute Cure AND provide your cellular body with every essential element your cells need for both oxygenation and essential nutrient needs - ending cellular suffocation and starvation, fully activating your own immune and metabolism powers and all 100% naturally as was life was meant in the Garden of Eden

Guardian Of Eden
Guardian Of Eden
Jutrian Rx

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Guardian of Eden?

The company name
"Guardian of Eden" refers to the Biblical angel left to block admission back into the Garden. In their product line, G.O.E. pursues re-creating the nutritional environment when the earth was new and pure.

G.O.E. cellular nutritional hydrogen peroxide (Jutrian Rx) is the
most extraordinary densely packed with oxygen molecules hydrogen peroxide supplement ever made publicly
and is at the cutting edge of performance, anti-aging and curative applications and other cellular level heath supplements.


 is Guardian Of Eden concentrated Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that has been supplemented in liquid form with all the elements listed below. The premise is that the hydrogen peroxide breaks these minerals amino acids down to the most absorbable atomic and molecular level along with the additional oxygen molecules.

Jutrian" refers to a mythical race of people still residing in the Garden of Eden and the "RX" refers to health supplementation based upon the necessary cellular nutrients that existed in food and nature when the earth was new and pure.

As there are 5400 drops in each of both parts of Jutrian Rx so it is a 6 month supply. Nothing else matches 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in cellular oxidation and Jutrian Rx uniquely offers total probiotic and elemental cellular support earning top shelf the respect of the self health care 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy community.

WHAT IS Guardian Of Eden Jutrian Rx?





Part 1
is what you see above - HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Hydrogen peroxide is "h2o2." That means 2 atoms of oxygen and 2 atoms of hydrogen bonded together loosely. (Water is h2o - 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom). Hydrogen peroxide's working element is to release one of its 2 oxygen atoms - converting to pure oxygen and pure water.

Hydrogen: The simplest of all atoms. Pure fuel. Non-toxic. Oxygen - Pure oxidation. Non-toxic. What our cells need to literally BURN energy - exactly the way your car needs air to run. Pure hydrogen combined with pure oxygen is the most powerful elemental fuel known - enough to literally power in space. It also is the power the runs your cellular body.

Without oxygen you will die. Low on oxygen will make you ill, weak, your brain malfunction and organs fail. It makes up susceptible to diseases and unable to heal, your immune and metabolism system not functioning.

CELLS, YOUR CELLULAR BODY - LOVES OXYGEN! Our cells are living oxygen breathing organisms. Just like we weaken and are exhausted if short on oxygen, so do our cells. But the power of hydrogen peroxide goes even far beyond this.

NOTICE IN THE MOLECULAR/ATOMIC STRUCTURE ABOVE - THERE IS NOTHING harmful in- hydrogen peroxide. It is a PURE substance. Nothing is toxic. There is no complex molecules to convert to other forms. And because it is from Guardian Of Eden you know it is pure, uncontaminated, highly concentrated food grade hydrogen peroxide! (You absolutely do NOT want industrial grades that all to sadly is often put in bottles falsely labels by other fly-by nighters online. That is why everyone who knows food grade hydrogen peroxide uses Guardian Of Eden as their ONLY supplier.)


It is an extremely powerful biocide, anti-fungal and virus killer. It joins with other elements in your body chemistry to form powerful protections and cellular, metabolic strength. This has been known for decades.



Don't be fooled by watered down, old industrial grade hydrogen peroxide laced with heavy metals, toxins and other severely harmful elements. The power of concentrated pure hydrogen peroxide is awesome and The One Minute Cure tells you why AND how to benefit in detail.

DON'T HAVE TO JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Listen to the experts! These are not no-name supposed testimonials really written by the seller. These are the published experts. They KNOW Guardian Of Eden Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, recommend it, and when you see the list of who buys it you can be certain THIS is what your looking for, ONLY from Guardian Of Eden.

Guardian Of Eden
(R) concentrated FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE of Part 1 is recommended in incredible The One-Minute-Cure by Madison Cavanaugh and listed as a source for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide by Dr. Rowen's Second Opinion Newsletter. The benefits of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide has been presented for decades from such authorities as Dr. David G. Williams and in many authoritative books including Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass II,
Flood Your Body with Oxygen by Ed Mccabe and Hydrogen Peroxide & Ozone by Conrad LeBeau and now by the incredible (and courageous) One-Minute-Cure by Madison Cavanaugh.

Guardian Of Eden (R) has been selling certified and inspected 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in consumer sizes since 1998 and is the largest supplier of independent natural health supplement retail stores in the USA, and supplies 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to licensed medical doctors (MDs), clinics, laboratories, alternative and natural health professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, dairy farms, commercial fruit and berry growers, veterinarians, and thousands of individuals for personal use.

Tumors can't live in pure oxygen. Fungus, bacteria, virus - oxygen is lethal. Oxygen revives our entire bodies. That is why in essentially every medical crisis the first thing done is to administer oxygen!

Did you know that the percentage of oxygen in our atmosphere continues to fall? It has dropped over 10% just in the last few hundred years. ALL the talk about GLOBAL WARMING? You can agree or disagree. But NO ONE disagrees that the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing still more. CARBON DIOXIDE is a fire extinguisher. It does EXACTLY the opposite to your cells - it DENIES your cellular body oxygen. Your cells, no aspect of your body or brain, can function correctly when oxygen deprived.

In addition to shattering health, it is known that LACK OF OXYGEN reduces mental function, the ability to focus and even to be rational. Mountain climbers greatest danger isn't freezing. It is literally going out of their minds as the air thins as they climb higher.

On the opposite side of this, there is no more powerful weapon against every disease of any kind than your own fantastic immune system - so complex that modern science still has no clue how it works. It ultimately is your own immune system that will have to cure virtually every disease and sickness. They still can't cure the common cold. All modern medicine can do is try to mask the symptoms until our own immune system learns how to defeat it. It is so for virtually every disease and illness there is. IT IS UP TO YOURSELF - YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM AND NATURAL BODY FUNCTIONS to win or lose the fight that might destroy your quality of life or even decide if you live or die.

Could it be any more important than that? But its not a big profit item, doesn't make the big drug companies money, wouldn't fuel the $500 BILLION dollar medical industry. So why would any big business promote it? THERE IS NO PROFIT IN YOUR BEING HEALTHY!

There are good reasons people in the known pick Guardian Of Eden for CONCENTRATED food grade hydrogen peroxide including freshness, concentration level and purity.

To understand why Guardian Of Eden is  THE PREMIER TOP-SHELF choice, exacting and exotic health and dietary organization Guardian Of Eden, follow this link (Guardian Of Eden discussion).


The Working Element of Hydrogen Peroxide? 100% PURE OXYGEN!
rideOxygen Angel

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Tidbits!

You would think that extra inspired oxygen, which is almost routine in hospitals with severely ill patients, would enhance hydrogen peroxide therapy and therefore, oxygen consumption. After all, peroxide converts to oxygen, so more oxygen should be even better.

It doesn't seem to work that way, and the oxygen by nasal cannula or face mask may be doing more harm than good. It seems to interfere with the "respiratory burst" (is sometimes called oxidative burst) is the rapid release of reactive oxygen species (superoxide radical and hydrogen peroxide) from different types of cells.

Most of us drink coffee in the morning because it makes us feel good. But it's not just the caffeine that gives the boost. Roasting coffee beans gives them the hydrogen peroxide generating system. Prepared in the usual manner, coffee will produce seven hundred fifty micrograms of H2O2. The longer it sits, the more peroxide it produces for up to twenty-four hours! I always said coffee wasn't so bad.

Peroxide may be the greatest breakthrough for brain tumors. Surgery destroys brain tissues and chemotherapy for brain neoplasms is just plain quackery. Neuroblastoma cells, a virulent brain cancer, were inhibited by H2O2 in lab experiments. For some reason, the addition of copper to peroxide increases the lethality of peroxide on bacteria by three thousand-fold. It would be interesting to give a little copper with peroxide in a case of severe infection.

An indication that peroxide therapy may help luekemia patients. Patients with leukemia had a seventy percent reduction in H2O2 production by their white blood cells. Maybe cancer is a peroxide deficiency.

I came across with a statement: "Negligence at best and malpractice at worst not to use hydrogen peroxide in urinary drainage bags following surgery". Catheters in the bladder are notorious for causing infection. The bacteria multiply in the drainage bag and migrate up the tube into the bladder. This bacterial invasion can lead to many complications including bacteria and death. I often wondered if this was the reason of my mentor/best friend's death - he was with a catheter after a kidney surgery. He passed away a month after he was discharged from the hospital.

Studies have shown that the addition for thirty milliliters of three percent H2O2 to the collection bag will keep the urine bacteria-free for eight hours. If you are facing surgery and will need a catheter, ask your doctor if he/she orders peroxide for the collection bag.

No other chemical compound comes even close to hydrogen peroxide in its importance to life. H2O2 is involved in all of life's vital processes. It is truly the wonder molecule. The cells in the body that fight infection, called granulocytes, produces H2O2 as a first line of defense against every type of invading organism ---parasites, viruses, bacteria and yeast. The presence of this amazing substance is required for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. It must be present for the immune system to function properly.

"I pride myself being an independent thinker. I'm fiery and warm, passionate and self-expressive, straightforward, confident, intuitive and sincere. I like to do spontaneous things and live on the edge just a little. I like a challenge that will stir me to action. I'd like to meet people who educate, inspire, good smelling and have a pack of great sense of humor. I have a few close friends I've known all my life. Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand."

If PART 2 could be called what powers your cells, immune system, metabolism and all body organs, PART 2 is the muscularity factor! You cannot obtain full spectrum minerals and amino acids in your meals anymore. Ground up rocks and grains of seal salt in water won't do it either.

Remember, this is a
Guardian Of Eden product. There source? Where do they begin for obtaining the minerals and amino acids? They go back to the GARDEN of course - to nature itself.

It is the natural process of plants to break down minerals in their own life cycle. Tragically, the commercialization of agriculture has left our lands devoid of minerals. But it wasn't always so. Through the course of life on earth, water from rivers and rain always replenished the soil - then the natural forces of life  broke down the minerals - those plants and the animals that fed on those plants in the food chain then became our source of elementally essential minerals.

So the place to obtain highly concentrated essential minerals (without consuming pounds of sea salt a day (no good and still to dense for cells to use) had to be found in nature itself. 

Specifically ancient living bogs where we  and constantly river and water renews land was a dense blanket to living mosses. Across thousands of years such living bogs became not natural collectors of all essential elementary minerals, but the life of the bog itself then broke them down in size as their own natural usage of the minerals. Rather than being depleted, the concentration of minerals increased every season, every generation, for thousands of years - with thousands of years of natural life process breaking down of the minerals to useable size.

Guardian Of Eden takes it even beyond this reduction to truly absorbable minerals in the goal of reduced them literally to individual atoms (or molecules). How? The POWER of hydrogen peroxide!

It has only in recent history that the curious relationship between minerals and hydrogen peroxide at the atom level has been explored. It was discovered that without fire, electricity, heat or any device of any kind, there is so much power in combining hydrogen peroxide with certain minerals it could (and has) literally propelled rockets in space. Under a microscope, there is a curious "dance" between minerals and hydrogen peroxide as they interact at the sub-atomic level. The hydrogen peroxide reacts to the minerals - specifically the second oxygen atom - literally shattering the minerals to their individual atoms - which in turn breaks apart the hydrogen peroxide molecule to release the oxygen. At the sub-atomic level, huge levels of energy are produced and released in this interaction.

The result as a health supplement? Pure oxygen and an orgy of cellular nutrients all in a high energy interaction all happening on the most elemental level of life itself. Whether you believe you were created or evolved, all life begins (even our own conception) at the level of individual cells, individual atoms and individual molecules. Going back to the Garden of Eden is going back to the core elements of life itself.

Why don't other companies offer this? Why should they? This ISN'T cheap for Guardian Of Eden to produce. Why would other companies or individuals go through all that when they can put 10 cents of ground up rocks or sea salt or put 1/2 penny of water into a bottle, declare it a miracle supplement and sell it to you for $20, $20, $50, $100 a gram or ounce?

We truly hope you recognize the value of Jutrian Rx and the fantastic price it is being offered for. Not just a month supply, but 6 or 12 months.

Amino Acids, fulvic acid and Ionized Colloidal Minerals include:
  Alanine, Amylasse, Antimony, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Carbonate, Cerium, Choride, Cobalt, Copper, Dysprosium, Ellagic acid, Erbium, Fromide, Fulvic Acid, Gallium, Galium, Gadolinium, Germanium, Glycine, Gold, Histindine, Holmium, Indium, Iron,  Lanthanum, Lipase, Lithium, Magnesium, Maganese, Molybelium, Neodymium, Nickel, Niobium, Nitrogen, Orinithine, Osmuim, Palladium, Platinum, Phosphorus, Potasium, Praseodynium, Proline, Quercitin, Rhenium, Rubidium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium, Serine, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Sulfate, Tantalum, Taurine, Tellurium, Terbium, Thallium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Tyrosine, Valine, Vanadium, Varium, Yttrium, Ytterblum, Zirconium, Zinc, Zirconium,  GTF Chromium, Hydrolyzed Collagen: L-alanine, L-arginine, L-aspartic acid, L-cysenine, L-glutamic acid, L-Histinine, L-hydroxylysine, L-hydroxproline, L-isoleucine, L-Leleucine, L-lysine, L-methionine, L-phenylalanine, L-proline, L-serine, L-threonin, L-tyosine, L-valine, Creatine, ormithine, glutamine, Co-Q6, Co-Q7, Co-Q8, Co-Q9, Co-Q10, fulvic acid and colloidal silver in Jutrian Rx Green and both colloidal silver and colloidal gold in Jutrian Rx Blue.
(When was the last time you fed your cellular body a full serving all of those absolutely essential cellular elements?
Yet people wonder why they have the "bad luck" to not feel well, be ill, lack energy, are overweight, weak and difficulty maintaining concentration - and FAR worse.)


For those of you who understand concentrations levels it will knock your socks off.

UNLIKE other products, Guardian Of Eden tells you EXACTLY what is in their Jutrian Rx LITERALLY TO THE MILLIONTH DEGREE:


To understand why Guardian Of Eden is  THE PREMIER TOP-SHELF choice and a little fo the  exacting and exotic health and dietary organization Guardian Of Eden, follow this link (Guardian Of Eden discussion).

PART 2 of Jutrian Rx is truly the ultimate in cellular nutrition. No other product comes close not just in concentration but also in the ability for cells to actually absorb the minerals, amino acids and colloidals.

Jutrian Rx NOT just another mineral supplement. Most mineral supplements don't even tell you what concentration of minerals they contain. Usually they either contain a tiny amount of sea salt (therefore claiming it has "trace" minerals meaning almost none at all) OR it is ground up rock minerals they put into the liquid or a pill.

Even if the finest powder that can be milled, those grains are so big to a cell it would like you trying to swallow boulders. By analogy you could cut off and swallow the head of an iron nail and break off a piece of an oyster shell swallowing it too, and in a sense would have taken tens of thousands of milligrams of iron and calcium. But 99.99% would just pass through your body. It isn't just a question of how many milligrams of a mineral are in a pill. It only matters how much is absorbable. It is basically humanly impossible to produce minerals that can be used by cells - only nature can do it.

Before the depletion of agricultural land decades ago and before most of us were drinking public supply water or bottled water, the trace minerals our cellular body MUST have were proceeded through the processes of life itself. Grinding up rocks or putting a little sea salt covered up by berry juices does little to nothing - or worse it jams up or even tears our stomach, kidneys and liver.

The amount of minerals, amino acids and colloidals in Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx Part 2 is as concentrated as is possible. Any higher and they would naturally start rebonding into larger pieces. To see JUST HOW HIGH the concentration? Guardian Of Eden, unlike other companies or people filling what they call miracle mineral solutions with tap water and a little sea salt in their kitchen since, will tell you exactly the concentration of EVERY mineral in the Jutrian Rx. To see the Mineral concentration laboratory analysis, follow this link.

But it isn't just the concentration of minerals. A person could drop a chunk of an oyster shell they smashed with a hammer into a capsule or bottle of liquid - or just a little sea salt in it - and technically claim a high concentration. But it would be no different than swallowing rocks as far as your cells are concerned. The question is whether they are absorbable? This is where Guardian Of Eden is different from ALL the rest. If you looked at the link above it explains the difference.


In simple terms, because the health-quality of your life and ultimately your life itself depends on it.

PLEASE take a moment to look over one of the statements by the theoretician of Guardian Of Eden. It presents an entirely new way of looking at life, health, diet and priorities. To read it, click on this link.

Did you follow the link above? It reveals what is the true issue of health and diet. If you read that statement by Guardian of Eden you'll NEVER look at alternative health care, health maintenance, disease prevention and battling disease ever the same again. You will not even look at life itself the same.

Guardian Of Eden products are both elementally necessary and exotic in concept as they go back to the very origins of life - not only in the world, but inside each of us. The ultimate cures and answers are inside us, not out there somewhere.

Guardian Of Eden is intolerant of anything but purity, concentration, and clear purpose of any product. Why? Because that is what they demand for themselves, therefore also for you. Until recently Jutrian Rx was not publicly available and sold privately for hundreds of dollars and with a wait list of those wanting to buy it. When it was made available it sold out almost immediately and wasn't available publicly again for 6 months - and than costing nearly 300% more.

In celebration of the book ONE MINUTE CURE and on the urging of those of the best selling author, health rights advocate and nutritional explorer Keven Trudeau, Guardian Of Eden agreed to prepare a large run of its typically limited Jutrian Rx to everyone has a chance to purchase. If you don't and it passes you by, at least you had the opportunity to buy the absolute best at a fraction you'd pay for from others that are basically bottles of nothing that will benefit your health at all.

So you can have an idea of just how much a savings, just 1 ounce of only minerals supplement other companies market costs from $24.95 to $49.95. Those only last a month and do not have 1/1000th the concentration level nor in absorbable form AND that wouldn't include Part 1 and the concentrated pure food grade hydrogen peroxide. If you consider all the health and dietary supplements you'll no longer need the final cost is probably less than free compared to what you are spending now.

ORDERING Guardian Of Eden's Jutrian Rx...
  Angel     green    blue 
Jutrian Rx BROWN Jutrian Rx GREEN Jutrian Rx BLUE
$57.46 (+S&H $9.17) $63.43 (+S&H $9.17) $76.74 (+S&H $9.17)
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Originally Guardian Of Eden Jutrian Rx was not publicly available.

Available only privately, it cost many hundreds of dollars for a single bottle. When first made available it quickly sold out and remained out of stock for public purchase for over 6 months with a huge and growing waiting list.

The HIGHLY desired and VERY expensive while often unavailable Jutrian Rx was at serious risk of counterfeiting. Guardian Of Eden absolutely will not compromise quality nor allow anyone else to.
G.O.E. looks out for their clients and customers - and their reputation. Every bottle of Jutrian Rx, both Part 1 and Part 2, comes with two holographic security seals that pull off the foil image if removed. One states "Certified" with a unique coded number for each individual bottle. The other stated "Guardian Of Eden." This attention to quality is consistent with the quality of their unique product. Exactly no company makes anything even similar. ISN'T this level of quality what you should expect from every supplier of health and dietary supplements and compounds?


NO reordering EVERY MONTH. This will last you a FULL 6 MONTHS! So the cost is only PENNIES A DAY. You no longer need shelves of capsules and liquids to buy. Its ALL in Jutrian Rx. (Most readers will have no idea in the price reduction for Jutrian Rx for pennies-a-day!)

 BUT you may want to stock up too. Jutrian Rx has been so in demand that in the past it has been sold out for months - raising the price nearly 300%! There is NO other product like it in the world -at any price but then there is no other company like Guardian Of Eden and their intense focus on legitimate and top shelf health supplements of unmatchable purity and concentration levels.

READY TO RESERVE your G.O.E. Jutrian Rx for prompt shipping?
First you have to decide which one is for best for you:

Jutrian Rx BROWN   Jutrian Rx GREEN   Jutrian Rx BLUE

Guardian Of Eden
Jutrian Rx


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I PINT G.O.E. Jutrian RX BROWN 2 parts in two 8 ounce brown bottles:
(+S&H $9.17)

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Jutrian Rx Brown
is the original Jutrian Rx mixture from Guardian Of Eden, but with 400% unequaled concentration and absorption ability  minerals and amino acids. It is delivered in two separate 8 ounce bottles and you mix the two with a dropper immediately before usage. This is the Jutrian Rx you have read about on numerous websites and is available only from Guardian Of Eden. Enough to last 6 months. A 1/2 ounce blue cobalt glass dropper bottle is included.

Guardian Of Eden
Jutrian Rx


{ h2o2 + supplements }
1 PINT G.O.E. Jutrian RX GREEN 2 parts in two 8 ounce green bottles:
(+S&H $9.17)
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Jutrian Rx Green contains all ingredients of Jutrian Rx Brown, which is the original Jutrian Rx mixture from Guardian Of Eden with 400% higher levels of minerals and amino acids, but also contains colloidal silver - possible due to delivery in two separate bottles. Jutrian Rx Green is delivered in two separate 8 ounce bottles and you mix the two with a dropper immediately before usage. Enough to last 6 months. A tiny 1/2 ounce blue colbalt dropper bottle is included.

The difference between Jutrian RX Brown and Jutrian RX Green is that Jutrian Rx Green also contains colloidal silver in it's ingredients. The enormous curative and preventative properties of colloidal silver are well known and documented.

A 1/2 ounce blue cobalt glass dropper bottle is included

Guardian Of Eden
Jutrian Rx


{ h2o2 + supplements }
I PINT G.O.E. Jutrian RX BLUE 2 parts in two 8 ounce brown bottles:
(+S&H $9.17)
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Jutrian Rx Blue contains all the ingredients of Jutrian Rx Brown and Jutrian Rx Green, but also contains Colloidal Gold. Jutrian Rx Blue is delivered in two separate 8 ounce bottles and you mix the two with a dropper immediately before usage. Enough to last 6 months. 1/2 ounce blue colbalt glass dropper bottle is included. This is literally the finest elemental cellular health and dietary product available only from Guardian Of Eden.

The difference between Jutrian RX Green and
Jutrian RX Blue is that Jutrian Rx Blue also contains Colloidal Gold in it's ingredients, plus ALL the ingredients of Jutrian Rx Brown and Jutrian Rx Green.

Gold is the greatest, most exact and most efficient of all electrical conductors. Both or brains and nervous systems function on electrical impulses. Colloidal Gold is maximize those functions and help avoid serious and fearful issues that may arise in terms of mental function, health and nervous system (our information networks).
For a years supply and additional savings - scroll past this box a little further down the page!
23% additional savings AND a guarantee of availability
Some people almost fell out of their chairs when Guardian Of Eden agreed to these low prices on these quantities of Jutrian Rx. But there was a concern. Could people be assured of availability in the future?

ou will also be on their priority customer list for the future in terms of availability if you wish and sent access to Guardian Of Eden's select short list of specific purpose health and dietary supplements.


"Life isn't just about money, it also is about ethics. Just as our bodies are super colonies of billions of living cellular organisms - our cells, we are all in a sense a super colony of organisms living on this natural earth. We should look out for both ourselves and each other."
Double order of
Jutrian Rx BROWN
Double order of
Jutrian Rx GREEN
Double order of
Jutrian Rx BLUE
$88.48 + $11.26 S&H
(you save $26.44)
$97.68 + $11.26 S&H
(you save $29.18)
$118.17 + $11.26 S&H
(you save $35.31)
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You receive 2 blue cobalt glass dropper bottles with a double order!
Don't make the mistake of just bookmarking this page, moving on and forgetting it. When this is gone, its gone possibly for a very long and a large price increase when it returns. You will not find Guardian Of Eden Jutrian Rx from any other company or any product even close to similar. It was exclusively developed over years by Guardian Of Eden.
Full usage instructions are included with every order. In less than one minute day you can completely provide full elemental cellular health supplementing. The benefits this will bring to your health, appearance and mental well-being will be truly remarkable.
And unlike the long, long statements of negative side effects you see on so many commercials now for prescription drugs, there are NO negative side effects.

Remember, your entire existence, everything you do, think, feel - everything you are - all began with two cells joined to form a single cell - and that single little cell became the trillions of diverse cellular structures that make up exactly everything of your body, health and mind.

 In a real sense, cellular health is EVERYTHING in health and dietary issues. NO health or dietary program you purpose whether it is conventional medicine, prescription medicine, alternative health remedies, homeopathics - nothing - will function well (if at all) if your cellular body is starved, sufferocating and weak. If your cellular life is defeated, no matter what else you do you lost the diet battle, the health battle and ultimately everything else of your life is lost. It doesn't get more important than that.


Does this product contain 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide?
Yes. Part . Part 2 has the full collection of minerals, amino acids and green and blue. Part 2 also contains the colloidals.

How long will the 1 order of Jutrian Rx last?
Depending on usage at least 6 months making it very economical compared to products by others of little to no benefit lasting only a month. It can be stored for years if refrigerated.

I've read hydrogen peroxide damages beneficial flora. Is this true?

No. There are a few bait-and-switch sellers of alternative products who have you come to their website on hydrogen peroxide search terms, but then try to convince you to instead buy a different "probiotic" product. You also will find fraud complaints on most those companies. There is no product similar to 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

The human digestive system is around 25 feet long. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide quickly released oxygen in the upper system adding its ability to destroy harmful bacteria and fungus. Beneficial flora in your digestive system is further into your digestive system and is then less attacked by such bacteria and flora.

What about ads offering 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with herbs in it. Aren't some herbs beneficial?

Yes, if correctly selected herbal can be beneficial. BUT there are NEVER legitimate bottles of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide with herbs in it. This is the "contains" scam. 35% concentration food grade hydrogen peroxide will severely react  if bottled with herbs and cause the bottle to burst within hours, if not minutes. Either it didn't have herbs at all or it had zero amount of hydrogen peroxide.

Those products are actually offering you water soaked in herbs and then they add only a couple drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to it. They allow this to sit until the hydrogen peroxide reverts to water and oxygen (h2o and o) and then seal the bottle. Essentially zero hydrogen peroxide remains in the product and the cost of the contents is only a few pennies. However, they believe it then not technically false to claim they are selling a product that "contains" 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Part of of Guardian Of Eden 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is 100%, pure, certified and undiluted 35% concentration. While there are thousands of products advertising 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is on the ingredients list, most of those are HIGHLY diluted with water. The purity of G.O.E. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is why it is the highest volume supplier to independently owned health supply and supplement retail stores who know the difference.

What is the benefit of the hydrogen peroxide in relation to the minerals and amino acids?

Hydrogen peroxide breaks minerals and amino acids down to their molecular level, making them more absorbable. If a person swallowed an iron nail, they would have take hundreds of thousands of milligrams of iron, but essentially none would be absorbed at the cellular level. The problem with most mineral supplements is that while they contain the volume they claim, the particles are so large that little of it actually can be used by the human body.

Why 2 parts?

True hydrogen peroxide without stabilizers (food grade) is only a semi-stable liquid that reacts with certain minerals and organic substances - the working factor that breaks down minerals and amino acids to the molecular level. However, this interaction builds up pressure, making shipping in concentrated forms difficult. Sometimes shipping companies handle boxes so roughly that they are severely shaken, increasing the level of interaction. This raised a potential of the bottle bursting and so limited the concentration levels of minerals and amino acids. By shipping as two separate parts and mixing only before usage, the levels could be increased as much as 400% over the highly sought after original Jutrian Rx.

What does "colloidal" mean?

While many will argue over this, essentially this means that the silver, gold or other mental is broken down to its molecular level, making it absorbable at the cellular level. The material used in product is pure silver and pure gold (real silver and gold). The production process involves electrolysis and if done legitimately is both slow and expensive.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver and colloidal gold?

Unlike most alternative and self health supplements, we do not claim any health benefits for any product as none have been sanctioned by the F.D.A. "Business" even with excellent sounding names that promise fast miracles are fly-by-night individuals generally selling small bottles of only water with a little salt or herbs soaked in them out of their kitchen. They are not bashful to charge $20 to $50 an ounce and will promise any and all medical miracles. A few of the larger tricksters will put tiny grey disclaimers explaining they are not responsible for anything they just posted of the benefits of their product.

As only a comment on colloidal silver and gold, some believe silver is one of the most powerful biocides (kills fungus, virus etc.) Gold is the best of all electrical conductors and some believe it therefore can assist in nervous system and brain functioning as both work on electrical impulses. However, there is so much material you can read online of both colloidal silver and colloidal gold there is no short or definitive response we could not give a short presentation here.
Want to explore ALL the benefits of Concentrated Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide offered by Guardian Of Eden and the many ways to use it?
Read THE ONE MINUTE CURE by Madison Cavanaugh
(But remember, reading a book can provide information, but to BENEFIT you actually HAVE TO DO IT! Order Guardian Of Eden Jutrian Rx and watch the incredible changes it brings to your life.)
One Minute Cure

Neither the F.D.A. nor any other governmental agency has approved or banned personal hydrogen peroxide usage. NO COMPANY, INCLUDING Guardian Of Eden
(R)., CAN CLAIM TO OFFER CURES FOR CANCER, ALZHEIMER'S, or any other degenerative disease. Theories of health care and alternative health care are disputed and are matters of personal and professional decision. The F.D.A. has not evaluated the claims of this website or any product of the website. You should always consult your physical or qualified health care profession before starting any health or diet program.
Do not use any product on this website within 2 hours of taking prescription medication. KT Network (R), KT Radio Network (R) and Kevin Trudeau do not claim the products on this website will cure or prevent any illness or disease.  Guardian Of Eden, the staff of Guardian Of Eden and authors of this material cannot and do not endorse health claims of the Book THE ONE MINUTE CURE. Rather, state it is worthwhile to seriously consider as exploration material to explore your own health, supplementing and dietary decisions also with discussions with your physician, qualified health professional and others whose views you respect. Guardian Of Eden does not and cannot claim that Jutrian Rx will cure or avoid any illness or disease. The contents of this website have not been reviewed for content or accuracy by Kevin Trudeau, KT Network or KT Radio Network.

The magic in Jutrian Rx other is the true wonders of the human immune system if properly supported and cared for. No medicine, no collection of herbs or magic water is as powerful and critical to your health than your own immune system. Minerals and amino acids are absolutely necessary to the your cellular health. To be usable at the cellular level, minerals must be at sizes small enough for your body to process them at the cellular level. If your immune system and cellular level health is starving and sick, you will not be healthy regardless of what else you do. To read more of this, visit this link.


 Guardian Of Eden Jutrian Rx comes in 2 parts


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The Canadian Department of Natural Resources has requested that we advise on our website that hydrogen peroxide of 30% or higher concentration cannot be shipped to Canada without special authority and reporting. We do not ship hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of 30% or higher to Canada under any circumstance.
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